Learning From Food Suppliers

Learning From Food Suppliers

3 Organizations That Should Buy Wholesale Candy

Byron Gutierrez

Many companies buy candy in bulk or large packages from big box stores, but if your organization has a frequent need for a significant amount of sweet treats, buying wholesale may be a better choice. Run an internet search for wholesale candy and you'll have no trouble finding several websites that can help you in this regard. You'll be able to choose the volume of candy that you want and have it shipped to you in advance of the next time that you need it.

Here are three types of organizations that can benefit from taking a wholesale approach to their candy buying.

Frequent Parade Participants

If your organization (whether it's a business or a local service group) frequently takes part in community parades, it may be worthwhile to evaluate what you're currently spending on candy. A lot of organizations throw candy to the crowd at parades, and this can mean that they're making large-scale purchases of candy in advance of each event. It may be a better financial move for you to make a few wholesale orders each year that will give you enough candy to distribute and at a better price per unit than what you're currently spending.

Halloween-Focused Organizations

Many organizations do a lot to celebrate Halloween, and a big part of what they do is to give out candy. For example, if you operate a haunted house, you might have large bins of candy throughout the premises that your customers can enjoy while they're visiting. Or, if you're a busy retail store that decorates and encourages trick-or-treaters on and around Halloween, and routinely sees hundreds of children and their families come through your location each year, you might give away a significant amount of candy each year. For these organizations, buying wholesale can be a smart choice.

Fundraising Groups

If your group is constantly holding fundraisers, one of the events that you might have is a pop-up candy shop. This type of fundraiser involves setting up a specific location for a short period of time and selling candy. High school student councils will often run fundraisers of this nature, given that teenagers will make good customers of a candy shop. It may be advantageous for you to buy your candy wholesale, as you'll spend less money. This could mean more profits for your organization or initiative. 

If you are considering wholesale candy, contact local food suppliers. 


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